Richard’s Disposal

Well, I got a call from someone at Richard’s Disposal this morning asking me if I ever got the item number for the stolen trash cart. You may remember my previous post. She gave me my three options again this morning:

  • Wait for the city to fine me (which they started doing on June 1st)
  • Buy a new one for $90
  • Call the non-emergency number, file a police report, and let them replace it for free

She hung up on me after I used the words “strong arming me” and “Sophie’s Choice” noting that she didn’t have to put up with disrespect. So much for their multi-million dollar tracking system since they apparently couldn’t find it after assuring me they could. Again, though, I never saw the thing so I don’t really know if it was ever there. And you only get one free replacement and I’d hate to waste it. They assure me their process is flawless (unlike the tracking system). And they still can’t give me a good explanation of what happens if I get a new one and someone steals it as well – they defer to their tracking system which clearly doesn’t work.

So I guess I’ll just wait for the city to fine me $500 for not complying. The irony there is that even if I pay the fine I still won’t have a trash can. It’s like owing money to a loan shark: when they com break your legs for not paying, you still owe them the money.

heh heh – disrespect? You’re running an extortion racket for an over-paid trash company. I would be surprised if your whole life wasn’t slathered in disrespect.

And for the record, I understand that I’m just being a dick about the whole thing and that I should just make the phone call and be done with it. But, honestly, if I really wanted to be a dick about it I’d post their phone number which is (504) 244 – 7661 and encourage everyone who has a minute to call and insist that a new trash can be brought out, without a police report and without it counting as my one free replacement. So really, it isn’t like I’m being that much of a dick about it.

I don’t think they’re going to back down on this. I do think they’re probably sending the city to my address to fine me though. I mean, why would they back down? They have the clear advantage. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that if the can is stolen within hours of it being delivered that they could file the police report and replace it without bothering me – at least from a customer service standpoint that would be great. The city is, after all, known for excellent customer service. And remember, I called them initially because I didn’t have any trashcans so how on the ball are they? And why is none of this surprising.

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  1. KG2V (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 10:53 am

    Or the 4th option – look at them and say “BS like this is why people are moving away” – and then do so

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