One question in Two Hours?

I watched the YouTube Democratic Debate on CNN the other night. I also have seen bits and pieces on replays on the network since it aired live. I thought the format and idea were actually solid. I liked the questions coming from Joe’s and Jane’s just like you and me. Even though the politicians did not answer every question directly, I thought overall it was informative and different.

One thing stood out to me though and it was disappointing from my view. All of the Democrat candidates generally have “sound bites” about how important New Orleans is and how important the rebuilding of New Orleans will be to them if they are elected to the White House.

If New Orleans is so important to the Democrats then, how come in a two-hour debate, we get ONE question about New Orleans? From someone based in Atlanta? WTF? A generic, what to do about New Orleans question is all we get? Is that where this area will stand in the Democratic pecking order? John Edwards rolling through the 9th ward every time a TV camera turns on and we get one question? From someone living in Atlanta? She may have been relocated there after K but she didn’t make that point. I think if she was from here, she would have said so.

Look I know Iraq is a disaster that we must figure out how to correct. Terrorism, Immigration, Social Security, Race Relations, Health Care etc are all extremely important to this country and how we tackle these issues is a huge question for our future. I don’t expect a two-hour debate that is all about New Orleans. We have to fix things locally before we expect anyone to assist in the future frankly. But I do not expect more questions about what Hillary is wearing or why John Edwards is considered a pretty boy than I do about what this country is doing to rebuild New Orleans.

We all know that Dubya has checked out on New Orleans. When’s the last time he was here anyway? Close to a year I think. Has anyone heard him even mention the city in the last year? I haven’t heard one word about this area in a long time. Maybe I missed it but that’s doubtful. I’m a news hound that watches, reads and listens as much as humanly possible. So he checked out, not a problem it’s his choice.

But have all of the possible “future” presidents checked out as well? I know CNN picked the questions but I also know the Democrats “advised” on what issues to discuss. Anderson Cooper has been the ONE national news guy/gal to make New Orleans his/her personal issue. He was the moderator. Only one question Anderson? Geez man, thanks for nothing frankly. How about a question on the levees and the ability of the US Corp of Engineers to do the job. They do have levees in other areas you know. How about a question on homeowners insurance? It’s a Gulf Coast question, affecting the entire rebuilding effort. How about a question on FEMA and what that agency has (or has not) done to prepare THE COUNTRY for another event like August 29th 2005? I mean damn, get with it losers.

Don’t give me that Katrina Fatigue crap either. How about Iraq Fatigue. Or Immigration Fatigue. Fuck that fatigue excuse. I may not want to hear about Attorney General Gonzales but that doesn’t stop the story. I might be tired hearing about the Dog Killer Michael Vick but that doesn’t stop the issue. If New Orleans means so much to these people, then stand up and say so and make it an issue. Not a sound bite to placate the locals.

The Republican YouTube debate is scheduled for September I believe. I have a producer at the radio station that posts YouTube crap all the time. Joe Cardosi, you might have seen some of his funny little movies on YouTube. Kid has some talent. My idea is to have him create a question for the Repubs. We’re going to some of the homes that a.) Are gutted yet not rebuilt and b.) Not yet even gutted and ask these fine upstanding Republicans who will be clamoring for our vote this question: What will you do as President to put people back in these homes?

Go do your own question for these “leaders”. Overwhelm YouTube with questions about rebuilding New Orleans with questions from New Orleanians. Tune in, get involved people. If you don’t, we’ll be hearing questions about is Mitt Romney a metro sexual or just how many films has Fred Thompson played the boss.

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  1. Owen (unregistered) on July 29th, 2007 @ 9:26 pm

    Bush last visted New Orleans in March, which was about five months ago (certainly not close to a year).

    And of course New Orleans is not the least bit important to Democrats. They intentionally tied hurricane relief funds to Iraq pullout legislation, knowing full well that would force a veto on reasons completely unrelated to Gulf Coast recovery. Also, they’ve done nothing but talk since.

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