Small things for small minds

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TBK will tell you it takes so little to make my Cajun soul happy anymore. And today’s find of some local nostalgia is a good example, I guess.

After temporarily bagging plans for a trip to Dallas, we spent the day antiquing in Breaux Bridge. Just as it was before the storm, this small town just east of Lafayette (about two hours from New Orleans). has some top-quality antique dealers who have prices well below what you’re going to find on Magazine St. Our goal had been to grab some lunch at the most excellent Cafe des Amis, but I had forgotten about their loud Zydeco breakfast on Saturdays. Don’t get me wrong — if you’re in the mood to tank beer and Bloody Marys and listen to chanky-chank music some Saturday morning, it’s a great place to be. But all I wanted was a quiet lunch and some conversation, so we opted for the less-hectic Chez Jacqueline a few doors down. They also had live music (a nice enough seeming guy, but it was still too damn loud. And dude — puh-leeeeeeeeeeeze reduce your catalog of Jimmy Buffett songs. It just doesn’t fit.), but at least there were breaks so we could talk a bit.

Anyway, we spent several hours roaming around looking at various items and eventually stopping off at Poche’s to pick up some boudin and sausage to take back home. We had intended to dodge the rain and head straight back to the House of Altered Reality, but about 3:30ish, near LaPlace, I asked TBK if she wanted to try our luck in Ponchatoula. She said okay so about 4ish we parked it at some antique barn just off the main drag. We’re shuffling through the place (again — some great prices) when I see this old Falstaff Beer box, I figure it’d be a nice, local curiosity piece since they’re turning the old Falstaff brewery on Broad St. into upscale condos. I open the box and my jaw clanked to the floor and my eyes bug out Tex Avery-style because the box is FULL (see above pic) of UNOPENED Falstaff Beer bottles. Not only are they unopened, but the labels are from at least two decades ago, before the feds started requiring health warnings on all booze containers.

In checking a brief history of Falstaff (my go-to beer in early college), I was surprised to discover the name was still around as late as 2005. It was pretty much dead in this part of the world after the New Orleans brewery shut down during a 1978 strike, but now I’ve got a pretty cool souvenir. And no — I’m not going to open any of the bottles. I’m sure it went skank a long, long time ago and besides — it would wreck the idea of having a whole case.

Other neat beer finds on Saturday’s jaunt — a fully intact 1980-81 Jax wall calendar (cheap), several plastic and glass Jax wall signs (nearly as cheap) and a 1930s-vintage Dixie Beer lighted sign (a not-so-cheap $995). I left them all for someone else. I had my find of the day.

God — I’m so easy.

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