The worm is starting to turn

Oh everyone is up in arms. Oliver Thomas? Nooooooo. Yeah you should have been paying attention:

Hello Gov Nagin

The worm is starting to turn on these crooked, corrupt politicians who have been sucking the life out of this city way before anyone heard of a hurricane named Katrina.

In the end though, it will not matter unless the black community as a whole stands up and demands better. Orleans Parish is majority black and will probably stay that way. I’m not going to sit here and say the white guy can do better. Ton’s of white political crooks/liars/cheats/scumbags to go around. But if a majority of OUR citizens continue to vote based mainly on skin color and not ideas, leadership ability and a care for all people, we’re never going to heal as a community.

I’m not going to go on and on about Oliver Thomas. The radio station has and continues to receive information about the corruption in city politics. It seems to be rampant and widespread. (BREAKING NEWS- hahahahaha). Sometimes we can get someone to go on record (Interoperable communications for example) that we go with and then other media outlets run with the story. Other times (especially with politicians) we cannot corroborate the story and with only one source we can’t move forward. Most will not speak on the air about it because they fear for repercussions on their businesses.

Oliver Thomas will not be the last guy. He’s going to roll on other political cronies. Who in turn will roll on even more. The horse is out of the barn and there is no way to corral that sucker back into a stable. Thank goodness, it’s about time. As my mid-day host Eric Asher states everyday: From the dogcatcher to the Governor, they’ve ALL GOT TO GO.

Other knick-knacks:

Kudo’s to our own Laureen Lentz on a fantastic “Other’s View’s” in Sunday’s Time’s Picayune. The demolition of homes that are in no need of demolition is truly a travesty. I am not for saving everything in this city. But I am for retaining the historic nature of both our neighborhoods and our architecture. I was out of town but I know the previously mentioned Eric Asher did a huge amount of work on that story and was the first broadcast outlet to move forward with the info.

Thinking about the upcoming elections for Governor etc, I think citizens need to look at these candidates as job applicants. We the people are hiring them for a job. They should be asked the same type questions that any Jane or Joe would be asked when applying for a job. And I’m not talking about an interview at Taco Bell. I’m talking about an in depth serious CEO style process. It will only happen if the people demand it though. Instead of basing votes on one-minute commercials, do your research and seek out media outlets that ask the tough questions.

Thank goodness I wasn’t here when Ray Nagin said that the city’s murder rate was a “2 sided sword”. Yes it’s good that New Orleans stays on the front pages with stories about how we cannot stop killing each other. I probably would have had a stroke. No Ray, our inability to stop the craziness is not a good way to “keep the New Orleans” brand out there. Just what kind of brand would that be anyway? Maybe we can build a “tourism media campaign” around the theme of Come to the French Quarter, Get Abducted and Shot in one of our fine Housing Developments. Nough said I think.

Being away for a bit is refreshing but at the same time can be sad. It always shows me just how different and yes special this area and its people are. There is just nowhere else in America like New Orleans, even in it’s broken state. But you also see just how dysfunctional we are. I don’t think I hit a pothole the whole week I was gone. I didn’t hear of any murders in the area I was in either. We’ve got to stop accepting the bad here. While still keeping the one unique city in America unique.

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  1. termite. (unregistered) on August 12th, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

    You’re right Dan, the worm sure is starting to turn. . . keep your eye on Eddie Sapir.

    heh heh. something tells me he’s changing his boxers at the moment.

    excellent post.

  2. Jack Ware (unregistered) on August 13th, 2007 @ 9:12 am

    First let me say I’m all for the shake down that’s happening and a very nice post, Dan. But at the same time, just because I like what’s going on doesn’t relieve me of the burden of thinking critically about it. We have to watch this process as much as any other regardless. We don’t want this to spiral into some sort of McCarthyism. The feds have a great conviction record on this sort of thing and they seem to be very thorough. Still the fact that Morial and Jefferson remain somewhat unscathed by the events surrounding them concerns me.

    It certainly looks like the little house of corrupted cards is slowly collapsing, but we still need to pay attention to what’s going on. I think it would be fairly easy for the collapse to become politicized and that certainly wouldn’t help the primary goal of cleaning up city politics. This is especially true of the mayor’s appointment of Thomas’ seat if it becomes open and the mayor runs for and wins the governor’s seat…lots of room for steaming piles of bullshit there.

    Again, I like what’s going on but we have to remain vigilant.

    **I don’t even want to get into the mayor’s sword speech thing – he’s a fucking idiot.

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