So we have to pay TWICE for the hat?


It’s not bad enough that the citizen’s of Orleans Parish and the metro area in general have to suffer the inept “leadership” coming from the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office. It’s been well documented how DA Eddie Jordan cannot keep murderers in jail, cannot find witnesses that are across the street and how he nor his office cannot assist in making people around here feel safe.

Now it’s time to pour salt in our gaping wounds. After being elected, Eddie Jordan, AKA the Hat, basically went through the DA’s office and fired all the white people. Maybe not all the white people, just the one’s who had experience in convicting some criminals around here. They didn’t convict them all obviously, the former DA’s record wasn’t a whole lot better but they did succeed occasionally. So the white people who were fired sued The Hat for discrimination. Well they won the first go round and of course the Hat appealed. And lost again yesterday. The Orleans Parish DAs office now owes millions of dollars to wrongly fired former employees.

This is where we all lose twice though because of the Hat. Eddie Jordan made the decision to fire these people. Eddie Jordan SHOULD be responsible for paying this judgement. But he’s not. It does not matter whether you voted for the Hat or not, if you’re a citizen of Orleans, YOU will be paying this judgement.

I’m not here to say that these people do not deserve what the justice system says is owed to them. If they were fired wrongfully and the courts feel they are due any type of compensation, then give them their money. But why in the world should the citizens of this city, whether you voted for the Hat or not, have our taxpayer dollars go to settle what the Hat screwed up? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to watch over our shoulder while walking the dog? Isn’t it bad enough that tax paying God fearing citizens are scared to leave their house because the Hat let’s murderers walk the street with no consequence expect for street justice being handed out?

I know one of the victims from the Treme shootings. He was an innocent bystander. Just finished a game of pick up basketball. Family guy, solid job, car salesman who just wanted to play some ball. And he ends up dead because the only justice being carried out in New Orleans is thug justice. You murdered my boy, I’m gonna murder you. Just someone innocent standing around. Too bad, I gotta get my own justice back. It’s sickening. And seemingly never ending as well.

Are all of our woes the Hat’s fault? Of course not. He is just one of many hindrances to this recovery at the present time. But I will be damned if one penny of my tax dollars goes to this lawsuit because of the Hat’s bigoted decisions. Let his campaign fund pay for it. Let his “millions and millions” of supporters pay the damn thing. Let this sucker have a garage sale to come up with the funds. Anything other than taxpayer dollars. The Hat did the crime, let the Hat pay the dime.

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  1. LewisC (unregistered) on August 16th, 2007 @ 12:50 pm

    I am SO in agreement with you. The racism and inept politicians need to stop.

    I also blogged about this today on my blog. New Orleans Racism Takes a Hit.


  2. Will (unregistered) on August 16th, 2007 @ 3:43 pm

    Not sure why people can’t get it right

    Jordan didn’t fire a single white ADA.

    The white people he did fire were desk people, filing people, ext…

    I am white and not a fan of Jordan but the amount of misinformation is quite comical

  3. Dan F (unregistered) on August 18th, 2007 @ 2:31 pm

    Desk people, filing people etc….huh? You mean like people who keep track of cases? You mean people who seek out and know how to get witnesses to testify? You mean desk folks who know how to fill out the paperwork to keep a suspect in jail? Yes those people are obviously not important. I don’t see where I wrote anything about people being fired being only ADA’s. Or is your knowledge of the criminal justice system so weak that you think a ADA does ALL THE WORK? The folks in this city who keep making excuses for these losers sickens me. I’m guessing OT should get another chance to rob us blind too huh?

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