She’s not gonna get embarrassed this time

As Craig wrote earlier, there is a hurricane heading to the Gulf of Mexico within the next three or four days. It’s certainly not time to panic, start contraflow or evacuate the city just yet, but obviously we have to be aware of the situation, monitor the progress/direction of the storm and make decisions based on future events.

That’s how the majority of us handle it anyway. We, at a minimum, will wait for Dean to enter the Gulf and see what the area needs to do at that point. Other’s handle the situation (and it’s just a situation so far) differently and I will use our fantastic Governor as an example.

We all know Governor Blanco had a hand in butchering the response to Katrina. She’s not the only one. (On a side note, anyone else notice how Prez Bushie is hanging in Crawford Texas? What a douchebag. Can the hurricane hit there somehow? Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top?)

Governor Blanco has declared a state of emergency for Louisiana. She also asked federal officials for a Presidential Emergency Declaration to ensure federal assets are available to Louisiana in advance of a possible landfall. Did anyone tell her that Hurricane Dean was 2000 miles from New Orleans when she made this declaration? That Mr. Dean (as I call all storms now, proper title shows respect) has not entered the Gulf of Mexico yet? I’m surprised she didn’t call one for Ms. Flossy who was in the Pacific recently.

I was watching Ch. 4 when the “Breaking News” sounder fired. I thought, Oh good, Ray Nagin resigned!! Or Eddie Jordan has been indicted for stupidity!! Yeah neither happened. It was the news that Governor Blanco was calling for help. Either 2 years too late or 5 days too early, depending on your view.

Look, I am not saying that we should not be prepared. I’m not saying that the city and state should stop monitoring the storm because some yahoo in Miami says its track is WSW. All I really am asking is that any elected official not #1) Induce a panic within the public, #2) call state of emergency declarations at anything from a swarm of locusts to a hurricane. Termites swarmed me in the Quarter the other night. Where’s the National Guard when you need them?

Governor Blank-o (sorry, couldn’t resist) is doing a disservice to this state but also our neighbors who were so helpful after Ms. Katrina and Ms. Rita. While she’s screaming like Edith Bunker for help before she needs it, other areas are being prudent and waiting to see where this damn thing may go. She’s a former teacher so I know she can read. Will someone please send her the story about The Boy who Cried Wolf? She must have forgotten the message.

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  1. KamaAina (unregistered) on August 23rd, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

    Congratulations! You made Slate’s “Today’s Blogs” feature for this post.

    As far as I know, you join Dangerblond, American Zombie, and (in this same piece) Cliff’s Crib as the only NOLA bloggers to be so honored. Clearly whoever does “Today’s Blogs” needs to get more obsessive about the NOLA blogosphere, like me!

  2. DanF (unregistered) on August 23rd, 2007 @ 4:50 pm

    Wow, that’s cool. I do like the “either 2 years too late or 5 days too early” line. Thanks for the info KamaAina

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