Hello Governor…Nagin? Part Deaux

Maybe or maybe not? I really don’t care anymore. Knock yourself out Mayor Kevorkian. What really does interest me is that naginforgovernor.com has been purchased and is “under construction”.

It’s not so interesting that the website/domain name has been reserved. To me, the more interesting part of the whole short story is what company reserved/purchased the website name.

Imagine Software LLC, the company that has essentially run the city’s Office of Technology since Nagin was elected in 2002 is the owner of that domain name.

Imagine Software LLC is the company that was begun by Greg Meffert and other friends who ran the city’s IT department for about 4 years.

Imagine Software LLC is the company that has received large city contracts for “work” that frankly is weak. Anyone tried to use the city web site in the last two years? Anytime I click a link I get an internal error message.

Imagine Software LLC is the company that “owns” a yacht that was used as a “party ship” after Gov….err Mayor Nagin’s re-election campaign.

Imagine Software LLC is the company that was or did bid on crime cameras for the City of New Orleans. They installed some cameras that never worked or did not have any “innards”. Kind of like an empty shoebox. Nice box, where are the shoes?

Greg Meffert btw is the guy that squashed a 7 million-dollar federal grant for interoperable communications before Katrina because the technology companies that Meffert dealt with were not involved in the grant.

So where’s this going? Not sure, but I know registering domain names is rather cheap. Not a big amount of money to be lost if you choose not to do something with it. But I also know and have known since Katrina that something in the mayor’s office really stinks and it’s seeping out of the city’s IT office on a daily basis.

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  1. Jack Ware (unregistered) on August 21st, 2007 @ 8:22 am

    Seems like, according to the link you included, that Scott Domke is Cybersquatting. At least if he intends to sell the name to Nagin at a profit.

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