Obligatory Katrinaversary Post

Well, two years have gone by. I think most residents have learned to cope with the slow pace of recovery and the persisting swaths of destruction and the inconveniences this brings. I know I am far more concerned about the crime, the increasing cost of living, and the general air of uncertainty that we are faced with. But too much has been said about all of these things already, so screw it. I think it’s more important to look at small metrics of progress, and so here is the report from my block.. Block meaning both sides of my street on the block that I live. The flood waters peaked at about 6-7 feet from street level here, making it deep enough to screw most everything up, but we weren’t as hard hit as neighborhoods closer to the lake and of course most of St. Bernard and the Lower 9th Ward, which had over 10 feet in many places.

So, as of now, there are six houses with people living in them. That’s three doubles and three singles, mine included. There are two houses undergoing a slow rebuilding process. There are four houses that have been gutted and are laying vacant. At least one of these four is supposedly slated for demolition, with no set timeline. There is one vacant lot where a double was demolished this winter. Perhaps most strangely, there are two houses which did not receive flood waters, yet are uninhabited.

So out of a total of fifteen houses pre-K, there are six that have folks in them. That’s 40%. And this is supposedly one of the flooded areas that’s come the farthest in its recovery. So that’s where we’re at. I don’t really know what else you can draw from it.

At least we’ve got the best neighborhood bar in the city on the next block. And the best neighboorhood restaurant is 5 blocks down.

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