Cripple Creek Theatre Co.

“In the shadow of an advancing front, a burial detail conducts its duties as a chaplain prepares to pray over the dead. However, the sad rituals are interrupted as a groan is heard from the newly dug graves and the fallen soldiers rise to their feet. Incensed at their plight, the men plead not to be buried in the saturated ground but instead ask to rejoin the living. As word of the insurrection spreads, the establishment seeks to suppress it.”

Well that sounds right up my alley – I love zombies. Fact is I like going to the theatre. So why don’t I go much? Well, like everyone it’s up against other options like sitting in 45Tchop drinking beer and playing Golden Tee. Sometimes it seems like a hassle what with the whole not being able to wear the same clothes I worked on the shanty in all day. And partly because usually the actual content of the play doesn’t interest me. The theatre to me is like Celine Dion, she has a wonderful voice and is obviously very talented, but that doesn’t mean I like her or her music. And lastly, which is what might keep me from going to the theatre this weekend and seeing a play I really want to see: no one to go with. I don’t mind going to the movies alone, don’t mind drinking alone, don’t mind having sex alone (or a close approximation), but I don’t like eating dinner alone and I don’t like going to cultural events alone. After all, part of the appreciation of a cultural event like the theatre, or the opera, etc, is the discussion and exchange of ideas afterward. Eh, what do I know anyway?!

None of that matters. Fact is, everyone who’s even remotely interested should go see “Bury the Dead” at the Cripple Creek Theatre Co. It’s only showing for three weeks starting this Thursday and there are only three showing each week (Thurs, Fri, and Sat) so don’t fumble around and miss it. Looks like tickets are only $10 but I assume you still have to shower and put on some fresh skivvies. You can buy tickets and find out all the information you could ever want on their website.

Maybe I’ll see some of you there. And if anyone goes Thurs or Fri post a review in the comments!

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  1. rosesarered (unregistered) on September 19th, 2007 @ 3:04 pm

    Actually, the play runs for six weeks (last show is October 20), and TBK & Craig are going to see it, so you can go with them…

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