The Who Dats ?

Who are these Who Dats?

As in:

Who Dat playing quarterback? It’s not Drew Brees.

Who Dat playing defense? Looks like absolutely no one.

Who Dat breaking long touchdown runs, leaving 10 players in your wake? David Beckham he ain’t.

Who Dat breaking a city’s heart almost as fast as the Katrina gut punch? Dem Saint’s dat’s who.

The spirit, the fire, the energy to win football games in the NFL has not been apparent from the start of the regular season. The boys seem flat and uninterested. No sneaking up on the league this year. The passion that the team displayed last year is what took all of us, these brave souls fighting for a city’s life, on the ride of a lifetime. It’s foolish of us, any of us, fans, media, or the team itself, to EXPECT the Who Dat’s to play the same way. I covered sports for a long time before I came home. I’ve seen it before. Not anywhere to the degree of last season, but I’ve been around teams that had a special season, a breakout year. The next season, every team was coming after them, to knock them back down or to just get the publicity of beating a “better” team. Playing sports is about emotion. A average team that has something to prove can and usually does beat a superior team that isn’t into the game emotionally.

So what does it all mean Howard Cosell? Hell I don’t know, it’s just football. But I do know that a whole bunch of Who Dat’s are close to crying in Who-ville.

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