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Halloween Parade

I had been trying to figure out what to do with the baby for Halloween for weeks. The Quarter is not exactly the best place for door to door trick-or-treating. He is too young to put in a lot of effort to get myself invited to go trick-or-treating with another Mom that I half know in an area suburb. While I wa about to give up at the last minute I got an email from the Big Easy Roller Girls inviting everyone to come out to the Molly’s at the Market Halloween parade. This was perfect.
So I tied some halloween decorations on the baby carrier. Put the little one in his costume and armed with two bags of candy that I should not have eaten anyway we went just one block down teh street to join the party. There were a few other kids at the parade, more than I would have expected. It also seemed like some people brought their kids out to watch the parade as it passed. I joined the parade and walked along with them down Decatur, Bienville then Burgundy and back up to Bourbon. They were stopped at Bourbon for quite a while and so we decided to bail and head home.
I had lots of fun as did the baby and it seemed everyone else as well. I think we might make it a tradition. It was way more fun than trick-or-treating and not only did we get candy we also got beads and a stuffed animal.

See ya and boy I wouldn’t wanna be you

Criminals are crying in the streets. Law abiding citizens are giddy with excitement. The rein of terror is about to come to an end.

Eddie Jordan is RESIGNING

Enjoy party peeps, just in time for Halloween.

Valence Street

Unconfirmed reports of a fatal shooting on Valence Street this evening about a block from the shanty. Corner of Valence and S. Liberty. No further details available at this time. Very bad.

Update: I just heard on wwl that the police are on the scene of a shooting near Upperline and Magnolia – about five blocks from the murder last night – or, as I like to think of it, three blocks on the other side of the shanty.

Anybody wanna buy a piece of shit house in a bad neighborhood? I’ll throw in a free p-row.

And a little more for good measure….this is from the second district email blast….it didn’t even make the news that I know of:

“On October 27th at or about 9:35 pm, the victim left his residence in the 4900 block of S. Saratoga Street and proceeded to his girlfriend’s residence in the 2700 block of Robert Street . When the victim drove up to the location, he observed nobody was home, so he continued driving. As the victim reached the corner of Freret and Valence Street , an unknown make/model/color car pulled next to him. A single shot came from the vehicle, striking him in his cheek. The victim proceeded to drive himself to the Hospital. In speaking with officers, the victim could provide no description of the suspect or the suspect vehicle. No evidence could be located on the scene and no witnesses could be located. While the victim said that he knew of no reason why someone would shoot him, his criminal record does include a drug conviction.”


Dollar Bill Sign

It seems someone over near Napoleon Ave. and Tchoupitoulas is broadening their use of these plastic signs to express their frustrations. It does make sitting at the red light a bit more interesting lately.

Richard’s disposal II

You may remember that some three months ago I posted this. Then near the middle of August I mentioned the outcome in the fifth paragraph. Well apparently I George Bush Aircraft Carriered that shit a little too soon. Because a few weeks ago (the end of September) the can went missing. I had done everything they told me to: I spray painted the house number on it, but it’s still gone. I’ve been putting off calling them because they’re a nightmare to deal with. The customer service reps are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They’re poorly educated, teeth smacking women who probably can’t spell customer service let alone provide it – not that I’m surprised.

New Restaurant in Town

You have probably heard of it. The Country Club sits in the heart of the Bywater at 634 Louisa St. What you have not heard is they have opened a restaurant. The Country Club has long been held as a primarily gay establishment but with the addition of their new restaurant they are hoping to welcome patrons from, both sides of the fence, shall we say.

Bohn zones out

Apostrophes are for possessives, not purals, ladies.

First Jackie Clarkson, now the Bohn-heads. Perhaps there’s a reason I’ve never bought anything from that dealership. Will someone please send them a grammar handbook–or a proofreader who graduated from fourth grade?

P.S. Sorry for the crappy iPhone shot. I was too stunned to grab a real camera. But still: you get the picture.

Bultman to Borders


After hearing rumors of the possibility of a Borders Books taking over the Bultman Funeral Home for many months, the pre-construction demolition of the funeral home is underway. Much of the rear of the facility is being demolished. The foreman on the job said a substantial amount of the 2400 sq/ft interior is being removed or has already been removed. It’s impossible to tell this from the street. They were tearing at it with a backhoe this afternoon. . . hand demolition would seem more logical for partial demolition, but I have seen it done. I just hope they don’t f*&U it up.

The facade is braced because the gutting of the building is so extensive. Cement trucks were on site today, it seems that they are pouring new footing for the reinforced walls needed to bear the weight of the books. The foreman said they’ll have an outdoor cafe. The streetside facade is to remain the same but shocking changes are happening in the back.

We wit’ ya, baby….

I was reading this AP piece this evening and thinking, “man, I know what you’re facing….”

You can bet I will be looking for an appropriate group to send money to this weekend. The Red Cross is, of course, always a good choice. Lord knows they helped our ass out after Katrina — providing the cash to get from Point A to Point B. I don’t care how affluent you might be — the lack of electric power (even if it’s just to run gasoline pumps) is a bitch — not to mention all the other hassles of pioneering it. Fortunately, none of TBK’s relatives (who live in this region) lost their homes. But they came so close. I don’t care which side of the political fence one is on, how much money they make, who they know or what they do — shit like this ain’t no fun. So good luck to everyone facing it. We’ll help how and as much as we can.

The only thing I’d bring up in the way of suggestion is to make sure you take care of you. No shame in getting angry at nothing in particular or in feeling like you’re overwhelmed. Step back, breathe and move ahead when you think you can. It’s gonna take a while — and it never goes as fast as you want it to. We know exactly how you feel and exactly what you’re facing. And don’t let the insurance jokers piss you off too much.

Sorry but just a quick hit

I hate to do these kind of post but if you haven’t noticed, I am a little upset about the way New Orleans and Louisiana are being portrayed compared to the response in San Diego. Aren’t we all Americans? I do not understand some people and the way they think anymore. I could be just going crazy but Steve Lopez of the LA Times wrote it better than I ever could.

Katrina comparisons are a different class of wrong

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