The Land of Magical Trash Cans

This city is a dirty ass city. Hell sometimes it smells like ass. As has been documented many times on New Orleans Metroblogging, we have a small but diligent group of citizens who will dump their trash in a parking lot, on a street corner, in their neighbor’s yard, uptown or wherever. The larger group of citizens will sometimes get in these uneducated morons face, confronting them on trashing the city where they reside. The clean folks usually end up being threatened with bodily harm but they get the anger off their chest.

We’re a party city. We need trash cans. Lots of them. But apparently, we don’t need trashcans for midgets or other short folks. And our Mayor will spend money on anything but fucking rebuilding. In the latest, greatest magical trash can tour that Ray Nagin has become, he’s gone and spent $335,000 on new trashcans for the city’s streets. Three years after he spent $450,000 on a no-bid deal with the brother of the city’s former CAO Charles Rice. Those trashcans were touted as “bomb-proof”. Yes street corner trashcans are the terrorist main targets in New Orleans. Bridges, domes, ports, hell the mouth of the Mississippi River would be more of a target I would think, but I’m just a tax-paying citizen. Mayor Nagin now calls those “bomb-proof” trashcans for “little munchkins”, obviously referencing Charles Rice, who if memory serves stands about 5 feet 6.

Ray Nagin is a fraud. He either is so clueless to what the priorities should be in this city, his city, or he is a corrupt shyster who sees nothing but dollar signs for his own pocket when he looks around his crumbling city. For all the hue and cry about demolitions that should not have happened, don’t you think the Redevelopment Authority could use some of that money, just some maybe, to prevent historic New Orleans from being torn down, or hell just falling down on it’s own? Half the city doesn’t even have street signs, 25 months after Katrina. Let’s not even start on the number of houses, offices, etc that are still un-gutted. Want the addresses? I’ve got over 300 on a list at work. It’s just insanity what this so-called administration is doing to the future of New Orleans.

Best of all, with this city crumbling around all of us, Nagin and city Sanitation Director Veronica White (Where’s Dr. Ralph when you really need him to call her a “bitch”), say they want to buy MORE trashcans for the city street corners. For another $335,000, grand total $670,000. For trashcans that aren’t even bomb-proof.

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  1. Hasemörder Kønig (unregistered) on October 4th, 2007 @ 2:04 pm

    Succubus Nagin needs a new collection agent.

  2. Laurie (unregistered) on October 4th, 2007 @ 3:02 pm

    Hey!! What have us “Smurf’s” done to you lately?


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