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First of all, everyone should read this story. The T-P isn’t a great paper with the bad grammar, spelling errors, and lack of aggressive reporting. But this story is really all around great. gotta give’em credit on this one.

Now let’s see if I understand what their talking about. Under a thinly veiled attempt to make it look like they’re doing it for the good of the entire 6th district, a couple of the wealthiest people in New Orleans don’t want to pay property tax. Nice. So to do this, they’re challenging the assessment method. They seem to be claiming that the city’s one assessor isn’t following the same method as the other assessors, which by my understanding is why she was put in place: to reform. So right there is a problem. All the other city assessors have no credibility at this point so it doesn’t matter if they agree or not. Moving on…

They say Marshall isn’t being fair in her assessments of Audubon Place, but that’s a little abstract. See, the street is guarded so no one can get in – not even the assessors. And the sales records are all sealed so no one knows what the last sale price was. Then there’s the idea that you live in a very exclusive area – only 27 houses owned by 25 people where at least one of those houses is owned by a trust set up by John Georges for his sons (guess who I’m not voting for). So to say the assessment isn’t fair is kind of an odd complaint. Seems to me a big ol’ bucket of “FUCK YOU” would even qualify as fair. Fact is, these people have gone out of their way to avoid fair. They don’t want to be treated fairly…they want special treatment. If they didn’t then they could gather their documentation and challenge the assessment like everyone else who didn’t like it.

Those are probably some of the most expensive houses in Orleans Parish but this law suit really makes it look like a trailer park in my eyes. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who’s property tax is twice my annual income. And if they do take it to court, then all their dirty laundry is going to be hanging out on that nice ornate fence there to keep the peasants out. I suspect (and hope) the outcome of this case is that the property is assessed higher due to better information being available. But personally, I think they’re bluffing and are just trying to get Marshall to back down.

Stand Strong!! Call their bluff!! Then at least we’ll know what the properties on that street are really worth.

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  1. JAUG (unregistered) on October 20th, 2007 @ 11:00 am

    The rich hate spending money on taxes. They’d rather buy a BMW or a trip to Spain, neither of which do much for the city. So is this how the rich stay that way, they can afford to fight their taxes (cos they can afford good lawyers?)
    If you bought the property 30 years ago for 80k and now it is worth 1.3mill, dayum straight you should pay more taxes!

  2. termite. (unregistered) on October 20th, 2007 @ 11:34 am

    yeah….all rich people are alike! spending money on cars, trips and shit. just who the hell do they think they are??

    bunch of lazy tic’s. lol…

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