We wit’ ya, baby….

I was reading this AP piece this evening and thinking, “man, I know what you’re facing….”

You can bet I will be looking for an appropriate group to send money to this weekend. The Red Cross is, of course, always a good choice. Lord knows they helped our ass out after Katrina — providing the cash to get from Point A to Point B. I don’t care how affluent you might be — the lack of electric power (even if it’s just to run gasoline pumps) is a bitch — not to mention all the other hassles of pioneering it. Fortunately, none of TBK’s relatives (who live in this region) lost their homes. But they came so close. I don’t care which side of the political fence one is on, how much money they make, who they know or what they do — shit like this ain’t no fun. So good luck to everyone facing it. We’ll help how and as much as we can.

The only thing I’d bring up in the way of suggestion is to make sure you take care of you. No shame in getting angry at nothing in particular or in feeling like you’re overwhelmed. Step back, breathe and move ahead when you think you can. It’s gonna take a while — and it never goes as fast as you want it to. We know exactly how you feel and exactly what you’re facing. And don’t let the insurance jokers piss you off too much.

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