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Pardon me while I step over the puke on Decatur Street from the famous New Orleans Halloween celebration.

If you want to party on Halloween, I say go for it with as much gusto as possible. But my goodness, you should have seen leftovers on Decatur this morning around 6 am. Not just bottles, cans and food, but the passed out peeps of New Orleans may have reached record numbers overnight.

And people, if you can’t hold your liquor, at least barf on the street and not the sidewalk. The dog thought it was breakfast for him, I thought it was hideous.

Congrats to SDT though. I scream and holler often about the trash conditions in the quarter but by the time I started walking to the vehicle about 8:30, the streets and the sidewalks had been swept and washed already. Folks trust me when I say it was Mardi Gras style debris so seriously, cool job SDT.

Eddie Jordan has been given a “golden parachute” to get the hell outta office. Boy I hope someone has a parachute for me when they want to can my ass. Screw running radio stations, I need to become an incompetent attorney who lets politicians come into my office and fire all the black folks. I want my golden parachute for screwing an entire city beyond comprehension.

What’s this buzz I’m hearing in my ear? Dr. Blakey? Yeah I know of him. Say what? Call some people in Oakland and find out what really happened while he was helping them recover? No no no, not again. Dammit.

USA Today had an interesting article about New Orleans. Seems the vegetation we have in this area is taking over parts of the city. Some China Talon is out of control, covering entire houses with greenery. Hmmm, maybe that’s what Ray Ray meant when he brought up “green space”

Sadly, I have little birdies in my ear all the time. This one is telling me to vote for Cynthia Willard-Lewis. Why in the world would I do that? She’s “next” huh? Well that would be one way to get TWO new council members in Orleans Parish.

The list of indictments to come is mighty long from what I’m hearing. It’s not going to be pretty but it sure is needed. If you want to see new fresh leaders trying to serve this city, read the above line again. And again. And again. Until you figure out why you must vote for CWL. Read it again dammit!

Remember all the excitement about the “GO” zone? Not the Bohn Zone that Richard critiqued, but the federally run tax breaks/kickbacks that were made available for Hurricane Katrina and Rita devastated areas to help spur investment back in those affected areas? Seems like the New Orleans Metro area got the shaft on this program, as usual. About 15% of the available bonds went to the metro area.

Wanna know why? Yeah you won’t like it. Because the city was not ready with its “master” plan (Do we even still have a plan? Anyone?) The area got behind and the bonds mainly went to big bad Baton Rouge and Lafayette for hotels and such that were planned before the storms. Sweet, thanks again Ray for helping to re-build Baton Rouge. Nice job by OUR mayor, C Ray Nagin.

I wrote awhile back about the midget garbage cans that Ray Ray dumped. The cans that were less than 4 years old. Ray Ray needed “taller” cans. Well, guess what. The “new” cans that are not bombproof mind you; these new cans are shorter than the ones Ray had turned into scrap metal. Yes my friends, shorter than the midget cans. And Ray wants to buy more of these cans. Or already bought more, I just can’t keep track anymore. Much like no one can figure out how many people have been murdered this year. I bring it up all the time, but it continues to blow my mind that no one can get a correct count of murders in New Orleans this year.

We know we’ve already passed last years number. Hell we did that some time in September. Those chants of We’re Number One apply to one thing around here anyway.

I really found the media coverage of the firestorm in California off base and riddled with what I guess is just hate. Not really sure what other way to put it. I don’t begrudge anyone who lost something in one of these situations anything, so I have no problem with people being comfortable and able to eat when a disaster happens. I am happy for them. But to hear someone like Duncan Hunter, a loser from the Republican party who is running for President say, “The people in my area weren’t looting because we’re civilized” (re: Mancow Morning Madhouse 11/01/07) tells me that a lot of people in this country are worthless human beings. And Duncan is leading the parade of worthlessness. You’ve got my vote dude, trust me.

Speaking of which, why would someone want to live in a fire zone? This country shouldn’t allow those people to live there. It’s just going to burn down again next time some kids throw a match on the ground.

Sounds harsh huh? Well then, you know how it felt to us when every talking head in this country was saying it about New Orleans. Interesting thing though, I haven’t heard anyone saying that freaking San Diego shouldn’t be rebuilt.

I’m out, and if this post sucks, don’t blame me cause you got to read it for free.

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  1. FranksPlace2 (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 6:56 am

    You missed the stink about garbage collection. New Orleans residents pay 2 1/2 time as much as Jefferson residents for garbage collection ($22/mo vs. $8)

    The contracts say the companies will pick up construction debris in New Orleans. However Princess Veronica of the sanitation department passed a rule that they don’t have to pick up construction debris.

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