Do you just not want anyone to live here? Is that it? Or is it that the city isn’t “Chocolate” enough for you? Could you please, take a break, replenish your fluids and catch your breath. You must be exhausted from FUCKING US FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS!! You’re a fucking joke. You’re budget is a fucking joke. And you’ve made this city a fucking joke.

For those who missed it.

My personal favorites:
Underfunding the Inspector general.
No money to the ethics review board

That doesn’t make you look like a crooked bastard at all. You should thank your fucking stars someone like me isn’t the inspector general. Underfunded hu, well then I probably only have the resources to investigate one crooked mother fucker; but on the bright side I wouldn’t have to rent office space because I’d push my fucking desk right up against yours and stare at you all day. Every meeting, every appearance. Brother, we’d be taking showers together. Maybe the next mayor will fund the office a little better. I’d be all in your business with a pen light and a dental mirror. I’d be reading your fucking mind. YOU SUCK!!

And I defended the new assessments! Now you want to roll 2 mills forward?!?! What the fuck is wrong with you?

Alright mother fucker. You win. I can’t sell the house cause the market is in the shitter, but I can sure board that fucker up and walk away. I’ll keep one side rented out if possible and hope some crackheads break in and burn it down while I’m living elsewhere. Anybody familiar with Austin: what part of the city should I live in? Like everyone else with an option, its time to start moving on. There’s nothing holding me to this dysfunctional fuck-storm you’ve created in the aftermath Mayor McFuck. At this point I would almost venture to say that you’ve actually done more damage to more people than Katrina did. I don’t know how you can fucking sleep at night.

And I’m turning off comments cause I don’t want to fucking hear it.

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