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Fired Up and Voices of the Big Easy


This conference boasts 35 art openings across New Orleans starting today with the featured event on the Mississppi River with food, music and scultpure demonstrations. For more info:

Jim Russell Records

Most everybody has been by this place at Magazine and St. Mary (near the Half-Moon). They used to have their own Website, but this appears to be nearly six years old. All I could find. Anyway…

Full disclosure — my place of business is nearby, okay? And the (very few) workers at this place are occasional customers. But this really, really doesn’t have anything to do with this post. Honest.

The place is a landmark for the vinyl world and it’s in serious trouble. Name a 45 or an LP and the place will either have it or tell you who does. It’s out-and-out a historic place, at least musically. But very few people know about it anymore or they simply overlook it. Of course it has used CDs and videos and other stuff.

All I’m saying is that if you haven’t gone in, you need to. At least to say you actually shopped in what might be the last of the real record stores in New Orleans.

Cochon is GREAT!

Today’s dining section in the New York Times has an article that names Cochon as one of the top ten restaraunts in the country. I’ve been recommending it to visitor’s ever since it opened – I guess it will be a bit more crowded now. Congratulations Cochon!

Bad drag

Continuing New Orleans’ long tradition of transsexual banditry (and there are more examples from before The Storm, if only Google would cooperate), we find this titbit in today’s Picayune:

St. John the Baptist Parish deputies are searching for a hammer-wielding man in a dress who smashed through the locked glass doors of a Reserve convenience store and stole money from a cashier…

The man, who wore rolled up blue jeans under the green dress, covered his face with white material and his head with a black hood, the report said…

Times Picayune

He doesn’t sound as classy as the other thugettes–but of course, they were plundering Magazine Street.

On a practical note, I’d start rounding up the redheads. ‘Cause everyone knows that only a redhead could pull off a green dress.

Go Girl House on Gravier . . . Gone.

Go Girl House Gone   418279474_df5832c0b4

Click the photos for more photos in the set

The Go Girl house at 2622 Gravier St. fascinated many because it has defied physics over the past couple of years, leaning farther and farther but not falling on its own. This house has probably been photographed by thousands of people. However, on Monday, it was torn down. The workers at Falstaff said they think the land will be incorporated into their site as parking. It’s strange not to see this familiar and somewhat famous building anymore as you cross the Broad St. overpass into Mid-City from Uptown.

How many mistakes….

…by the US Postal Service did it take for this to wind up in our mailbox this morning?

The envelope is from an inmate at a California state prison and is addressed to (sic):

Mr. John A. Clarke
Executive Office/Clerk of the Administratively Unified Courts
North Valley District
San Fernando, Calif. 91340

I have Xed out the street address so weirdos won’t wind up at my door. But the street address is the ONLY thing that was correct about this winding up at my house. HTF did this wind up in New Orleans when all the ZIP codes are correct?

I know, I know. But this might explain why my (already paid-for) copies of Smithsonian Magazine have stopped arriving. Perhaps they’re going to a courthouse in San Fernando, Calif.

I also get mail for a farm co-op that has never been at this address. And, once a month or so, I get what appears to be an investment account statement for this same street address IN NEW YORK FREAKING CITY. This is can understand, since a 1 and a 7 can look alike to some machines. But damn.

I’ll just toss this one back in the mailbox with the others. But has anyone else noticed the increasing scarcity of mailboxes around town? There used to be one on Magazine in front of Mayan Import (the cigar place), but it’s been shut down. There are virtually no mailboxes anymore in the Lower Garden District, meaning we have to take outgoing mail up to Louisiana Ave. or drop it off if we happen to be downtown.

Ain’t right, I tell ya.

Bright Orange Wave

Parking Tickets (1)   Parking Tickets

Apparently, tonight was the opener for the Tulane Green Wave baseball in their new digs. I drove by the stadium on my way home and I noticed that hundreds of SUV’s parked on the neutral ground there on Claiborne. I had to take a photo because, honest to God, every damn one had a ticket for this parking violation. Tulane won handily, so I am sure it was worth it. I work nearby and it was a rainy day, not a parking-ticket-bandit to be seen in our area and I didn’t have to go out and do the parking rotation. Nice work, Green Wave . . oh, and nice fireworks too.

A Day at the Races

As some of you know, my son Stu and I work together. But while we spend a lot of time together, we hadn’t Spent Time Together in a while. So it was his idea to spend this afternoon at the track and I gotta say it was a puuuuuhfect idea.

I’d been only once since the season opening on Thanksgiving. I wound up about breaking even — scoring big on a 15-1 shot early and then watching some other selections founder in the sloppy conditions until a couple of mixed results before we left. Then I had to go back to work and build tomorrow’s gumbo.

…but it was a delightful day. If you haven’t been out to the track, you need to go. Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about horses or their racing (as I don’t). It’s just a fun place to be and the people-watching is wonderful.

Mr. Okra

Mr Okra

This guy has been cruising the Treme in his truck with a speaker announcing his presence. It reminded me of Mexico City. Mr. Okra is providing a great selection of produce in a part of the City where there is no grocery store. The only thing he didn’t have was lettuce. I don’t know where his other territories are, perhaps others have seen him about town. It’s worth it just to see his truck.

Mr. Okra's Hood
Fruit magnets on the hood of his truck

Back from the dead

No, I have not left Metroblogging and no, I have not vanished. I have simply been busy running a restaurant — and as those of you in the biz can tell you, it’s an all-consuming thing in many ways. Not that I’ve ceased having a Life — it’s just that my time for writing has been a bit short over the past couple of months. Thanks to those of you who have asked.

I’ve always said, despite opinions otherwise, that I’ve been pretty happy with how the day-to-day things run at City Hall. I know our mayor can be a buffoon, but the staffers have always been helpful to me and my business. I have had to work quite a bit with Councilwoman Stacy Head’s staff to push through my beer and wine license (it’s coming!) and they have been tremendous. I’ve also gotten quick answers from the office staff at Finance , Permitting and the other offices.

But I tell ya — my attempt this week to correct some paperwork led to my discovery that my business no longer existed. And don’t try to tell them otherwise. It was like a living person trying to convince the Social Security Administration they are indeed alive.

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