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Random New Orleaniana

  • Anthony Bourdain partially redeemed himself–at least in my eyes–by honoring Donald Link (for his ballsy opening of Cochon) and slamming Alan Richman (for his bitter, pointless rag on New Orleans) at the 2008 Golden Clog Awards, which he created with fellow chowderhead, Michael Ruhlman. That doesn’t completely make up for his New Orleans segment on No Reservations, but I can’t hold a grudge for very long anyway. Except where Chris Rose is concerned.

  • For the three of you who haven’t read the government’s analysis of formaldehyde levels in the trailers that FEMA grudgingly provided to Gulf Coast residents, Slate was kind enough to publish the actual document from the CDC. My favorite comes on page three, when trailer denizens get unsolicited health advice: “Do not smoke, and especially do not smoke indoors.” Which is essentially saying, “If you must chase lung cancer, do so outside; FEMA trailers are reserved for headaches, dry eyes, nasal mucus, nausea, asthma, and another type of cancer entirely.”

  • Apparently, part of the new Wolverine movie is set to film in New Orleans. Ladies, y’all can have Hugh Jackman–just break me off a piece of Liev Schreiber. Damn if I ain’t a sucker for scruffy, Jewish, ex-hippie voiceover artists.

Astronomy Update

The Space Shuttle & International Space Station will both be flying over New Orleans this evening at approximately 6:22 pm. The shuttle was docked to the space station until about 3:30 this morning when they undocked, but are still flying in fairly close orbit. Sunset is 5:51 pm and skies are clear, so get up on your roof and keep your eyes peeled. Both should be fairly high in the sky, brighter than the stars, and moving fast.

Also; total lunar eclipse coming up Wednesday night.

ADDENDUM:::::: Dude, brah, that shit was KILLAH!!! Space shuttle was like 45 miles ahead of space station. USA! USA! Astronauts! Michoud assembly facility! How often do you get the chance to see the shuttle and the station tailing each other directly overhead? RARELY.

From my Window

The pavement is wet outside from the hard rain we had this morning. The sun is shining through the clouds now. Reflecting off the metal that makes up my gold mini cooper parked on the side of the road causing it to glisten. A bird with dark wings, white spots on his breast and a red feathered head flies down and lands on the electrical cords running from my house to the tall brown pole across the street. The little birds stays for only a minute then hops once, twice and flits off over the roof and out of sight. The few leaves left on the trees out front shake occasionally as a slight breeze moves through the barren branches. Every few minutes a car glides down the street in front of my house pulling to a stop at the sign near the end of the road. Two men walk by in the opposite direction of the cars on this one way street both in jeans bought to look baggy but fit at the waist. One had shaved all the troubles form his head but added a hoodie just in case he becomes self-conscious of his lack of hair and decides the Unibomber look is a better choice. The other fills out his look with a plane T-shirt and a small black pony tail. They walk on taking no notice of me watching them from my window. Another car goes by followed closely by a bicycle whose rider looks as though she is wearing a prized piece of the Derelict collection a la Zoolander. The sun is drying up the sidewalk even as I sit here. A ray of sunlight is being sent straight through my window by the new roof on the Saints Peter and Paul Church which is just a block away. I think it is time to move away from the window, take a rest on the couch and wait for the baby to wake from his afternoon nap.

Okay okay. All kidding aside for a second. I previously wrote about how the 9 was a shithole. Besides the fact that it really is a shithole, I would like to go into a broader spectrum of blight in New Orleans. Like I mentioned before, I drive around the city all day for my job. I see progress, and I see stagnation. What I do not understand is why there is so much crappy shanty town property down here just rotting away. I understand the big K thing, but what about the thousands of houses and buildings just sitting there half burned, half crushed, and completely nasty to the eye. I would be fucking way pissed if I was fixing up a house and the old transmission shop across the street and the other 10 houses on the block were shithole abandoned shacks. I’m not talking about K devastation, you know what I’m talking about.

NBA All-Star giant building posters for sale

So hello again oxygen suckers. Ahhhhzzzz been explorin’ again. I saw the whole Anthony Bourdain thing the other night. No, I didn’t see it on the travel channel. I stole that shit baby! That’s right, bit torrent is awesome. That’s my way of putting it to the man. I saved it in my download files right next to my season three of “The Hills”.
I love LC. Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, I’m pretty sure I agree with Richard for the most part. Why does everyone feel the need to show the 9th ward all the time? People will think New Orleans was nothing but a city full of shitty post WWII houses where no one cut the grass. Wake up! That place was a titanic shit hole before Katrina, remember?

what a pair


You can read the article about the new crime-fighting equipment that the NOPD got their hands on or you can just keep looking at this picture. Whatever.

Is this horse dead yet?

So, with all due respect to you folks outside New Orleans, I think y’all may be a little confused.

Thanks to the minuscule flame war that erupted after my anti-Chris Rose rant (made elsewhere), and thanks to a couple of emails I’ve recently received, it’s clear that some folks think New Orleans is still wallowing in sorrow like a P-I-G hog. That’s in part due to the fact that the media has moved on to cover presidential candidates and fashion week, meaning that images of the modern-day, new New Orleans have been fewer and further between in the national press

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, how many more times can we hear Anderson Cooper give the same field report about devastation and displacement? (I could watch it with the sound muted, but only ’cause he’s so freakin’ dreamy.) On the other hand, since you might not have seen us on the evening news, you might not know that many of us have gotten over it–the “it” being Katrina, the Corps, bureaucracy, political posturing, etc. Here’s an excerpt from a response I sent to one of the email queries that pretty much sums up my feelings and those of my family, friends, and co-workers:


Trash Royalty Trinkets

Sidney Torres Throw at Orpheus

This tiny SDT Bull was THE celebrity throw to get last night at Orpheus. I woke up early on Monday and drove down Magazine St. to do my run in the park and Magazine was still a deplorable mess from Toth’s parade the day before. This is Richard’s Disposal’s jurisdiction. By the time I text messaged pertinent people about the mess, Richard’s had deployed their street teams with their rakes at Napoleon and Magazine by 10:30 am. I have been very lenient with this lag-time in the past two years of recovery but am less so since we signed the big bazillion dollar trash contract. It seems Richard’s krewe was a bit slow but the street was spic and span by the time Orpheus rolled in the evening.

Mardi Gras Around Me

Endymion Crowds Get Ready for Return to Mid City Route  &nbsp:Endymion Crowds Get Ready for Return to Mid City Route (4)

Locals Mark Their Spot Along Canal, Ready for Endymion

I have been sitting out most of Mardi Gras so far. In fact, this year, I have been working more than usual. On Wednesday, I helped my friend who does production throw a gala bash for 800 people at the convention center. Colin Powell was the keynote speaker. It was a 15 hour day but this kinds stuff pays very well. It was fun to work with her again. It’s a hectic challenge.

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