Thank you for being so Neighborly

Dear Neighbors;
Thank you for having us over, well really thank you for having the whole street over for BBQ. Thank you for offering us BBQ and for giving me some chilled white wine in a glass because wine is too good for a simple plastic cup. We were out when you decided to have a little get-together and when you started up the grill, thank you for noticing when we arrived home and taking the time to call our names and wave us across the street. We had a wonderful time meeting all of you especially the other children in the neighborhood. I am sorry that some of you are moving due to the crime in the area even though it is understandable, I guess. My husband and I have been together for nine years and this is the first time any of our neighbors have even invited us to any type of gathering. Out of all the places we have lived this is the first time I have ever truly felt like neighbors with anyone. You know in the old ‘50’s welcome wagons and “may I borrow some sugar?” kind of way. Thank you for being so nice to the little one. It was wonderful to be amongst people who did not feel put off by the baby. So often people think he is cute and then they go off to have a good time and leave me to tend to him alone only meeting up with me again at the end of the party long enough to say goodbye. You all made us both feel like part of the group. Thank you for helping me keep an eye on the little one and giving him high fives and pieces of your food. Those little things made me feel so comfortable and made the whole experience more enjoyable for me. We stayed out until his bedtime and the termites were starting to gather at the street lights. I just wanted to say thank you for being so friendly just like neighbors are supposed to be.

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