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We’re at that time of year in New Orleans when it’s just plain hot — even if it’s not really that hot. We’re feeling like our 92 degrees is 102 (and, when you factor in the humidity, I guess it is). The clouds build up and it looks and feels like rain, but too often it just stays on the very cusp of actual precipitation — meaning it’s just plain uncomfortable out. Kinda like living in Rangoon or some other Third World area that’s beastly hot/humid — but without the yellow fever and dysentery. Gotta love modern medicine.

That said, I see signs of the locals getting out of the summer doldrums and braving things more than they did even a couple of weeks ago. Kinda like everyone woke up at once and decided, “well, it’s gonna be uncomfortable no matter what we do so we might as well go DO something.” Along the lines of Captain Ron’s “if anything’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen Out There” as opposed to just sitting around the marina. You gotta venture out if anything’s gonna change. I actually went fishing this past week (for the first time in, oh, 15 years or so). It was not only a chance to reconnect with something I used to love, but also a chance to just go and do. I was tired of home/work/home/work/home/work. I think a lot of folks are that way right now.

Summer is supposed to be the dead time — and it indeed is in many ways. I’ve talked about how much things have slowed down at the restaurant. The higher-end places (the ones that haven’t closed for a month) all seem to have summer specials that are, honestly, pretty damn special. Hotel rates have been slashed and all of us are being encouraged to be tourists in our hometown. But, at the same time, the St. Charles streetcar always seems to be jam-full and I know we’re still seeing lots of folks from out of town in our place. Why, just this afternoon I saw some jackleg with an Ohio plate turning the wrong way down Magazine. Wrong way dude! But thanks for being here!

We’ve yet to reach the most dangerous part of hurricane season, of course. But so far, so good. I got into a conversation the other day about how the city’s dynamics have changed when it comes to hurricanes. On the one hand, there are those who were here pre-Katrina. But on the other, there is a tremendous number who were not. How will the different groups react if we’re threatened again? I know the various authorities have come up with all kinds of priority lists about who will be allowed back and when — but won’t that actually encourage more people to stay? All kinds of opinions. An interesting conversation — particularly since no conclusions were drawn.

….just ruminating on things on a chunky-air Sunday night. A car just drove by, with Dr. John wafting out its window. “Down ne road come a junko partner….”

I like that, me.

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  1. Daneeta Loretta (daneeta) on July 21st, 2008 @ 2:43 am

    This post makes me so homesick. Last night in London, we slept under a duvet. It was the summer duvet, but a duvet nonetheless. (A "summer" duvet…this always makes me laugh).

    Congratulations on the fishing. Did it a lot as a kid…mostly with cane poles on the bayou. Never caught much, but fishing teaches a lot about being quiet…quiet in the soul. And, this is something that kids nowadays miss out on. A good barefoot run in the woods might be good for them as well. Summer for bayou kids was all about being able to stay outside until nearly 10 p.m. with the big kids. I guess you’d have to lock them out the house now.

    I will be with ya’ll soon for an extended period. I hope they let my Swedish wonderboy in. It’s like a fortress over there.

  2. laurie2 on July 21st, 2008 @ 5:02 pm

    Expect an anal probe at the airport.

    Good luck gettin’ in.

    We emjoyed pissin’ in our pant in those dark empty barges.


  3. laurie2 on July 22nd, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

    Did any one else see the Weather Channels Mega disasters

    Where a hurricane slams into Florida, class 5, and no one is prepared?

    I’m certain that people in Florida are always prepared to bug out.

    Then they said every one gets on the road at the same time!



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