Sleeper cells

Our friends at the Ministry of Homeland “Security” have been missing it all along. While FEMA tries to “help” our latest hurricane victims on our own coast and in Teck-siss (it’s pronounced that way. I grew up there. I know), the umbrella agency has been missing the sleeper cells in our own midst.

They are in the restaurants on Magazine St. It is the staff. They are asleep. Zzzzzzzzzz. Right there in front of you. The ones trying to hold their heads up while dozing in front of TVs showing Divorce Court and other video pablum until there is an Actual Customer.

This isn’t to criticize my own staff, which is excellent and professional, or anyone else’s. But the retail activity on Magazine St. over the past week has been, um — what’s the word? Lethargic? Glacial? I think it’s a case of Hurricane Hangover — where most folks blew their financial wads in evacuation and won’t get back in balance until the first of the month or so. Wall Street’s problems don’t help this week either. At any rate, most places (including the Saints yesterday, apparently) are watching their employees nod off left and right. I think the cooler weather will help everything.

I’m getting those political phone calls these days — the ones where you either get a pre-recorded message from some politico or (on a more personal note) a real, live person wanting to outline their candidate’s total supremacy. I used to have a two-word response to these kinds of calls, but now I just hang up. I used to say, “well, if they call me, they’re guaranteed not to get my vote.” But pretty much everyone seems to be doing it these days.

Has anyone noticed how the “Jefferson For Congress” signs seem to be hanging in the same place(s) as the “Cannizzaro (sp) For DA” signs? It’s happening too often around my Irish Channel neighborhood to be mere coincidence. If I was running for DA, I’m not sure I’d want my name next to that of a federally indicted public official.

I’m just sayin’

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  1. thekid on September 19th, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

    I’ve recently discovered this blog. I enjoyed all your posts and look forward to reading the next. Keep them coming. Thanks.

    The Kid.

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