C’mon and take a free ride

I wanna know just how many 20-somethings in this city right now are spending megabucks (for them) at Whole Foods or other grocery outlets on the taxpayer dime.

We all know about the double food stamps for too many. And I know from experience what it’s like to have to hit the road with only a finite number of dollars and find those dollars quickly gone due to circumstances beyond control. And then to finally come back to town and discover your job no longer exists and to try to cobble together what you can to pay some bills and reassemble things as much as you can. You gotta be resourceful, venture into new personal territory and learn a lot of new rules in a big damn hurry. And if the state/federal folks can help, it’s appreciated. Thousands of folks are doing that very thing right now in Louisiana and especially in Texas. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you do what you gotta do. And you gotta claim it on your tax return too.

….but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked to at least a dozen 20-somethings who lost virtually nothing in the Gustav/Ike thing and are racking up bigtime on the dole. The food stamp giveaway that’s been going on rivals the $2K handouts post-Katrina — if not in dollars then certainly in the bogus claims being made to food stamp offices around the entire region. I talked to one kid today who readily admitted losing only like $100 in frozen pizza and other schlock when he bailed for a week of partying — but he qualified for, oh, $600 in food stamps when he came back to town. I’ve talked to way too many others who never left or lost income — but they qualify for at least the basic $160 or whatever even if they’d lost nothing. They’ve been standing in line and, for the most part, telling a good version of the truth. And they get food stamps just because they can. And that seems to be their reason for doing it. Just because they can.

It’s a “screw them before they screw you” mentality and it’s wrong.

…said the dinosaur.

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  1. laurie2 on September 25th, 2008 @ 12:43 am

    Fraud is fraud which is why the abuse of the AWDA needs to seriously be looked at.


  2. kier on September 25th, 2008 @ 11:52 am


    Im a filmmaker from the UK coming to New Orleans in October to cover the build-up to the elections.

    I was just wondering if this food stamps and damages payments thing is a real problem? If so, could you recommend anyone who might know the best people to talk to? Organisations who deal with those that got payments, that sort of thing.


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