Pediatric Waiting Room

…fun stuff right? It is crazy how when you become a parent the things that really stick out in your mind are no longer the great party you went to or the new illicit narcotic you tried but instead are the little things that make your life more convenient i.e. things that keep your child happy. When you have a toddler suddenly the things that stick out in your brain are the things that kept him happy for just one second so you can take a breath that is not giving life to another rendition of ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider.’
That being said we were in the Pediatrician’s office on Monday for the little one’s 2 year check up. When we first started going to Tulane Pediatrics at Lakeside they were in a trailer out behind the hospital then they moved onto the first floor of the all glass medical building next to the hospital. This was hardly a step up, the trailer had been cleaner and more child proof. Every time we would come in they would talk about how wonderful it would be when the offices that were being remodeled for them were complete. Each nurse and receptionist would get a sort of dreamy look in their eye as they talked about how nice everything would be then. I wanted to believe in their dream of a better office space but after two years I had almost forgotten about the whole thing.
Then this Monday we walked into the best Doctor’s office waiting area I have every seen. Each wall is painted a different but complimentary color. The sconces on the wall have actual multi-colored marbles incorporated within them to soften the light. There is a large plasma screen television playing Cartoon Network and two steering wheel consoles built right into the wall for children to play with. As if that were not enough the consoles depict ethanol levels and how much battery power the virtual vehicles have remaining (so with the times). Are you still not impressed? In each of the patient rooms there is another play set built into the wall. Again this keeps the little guys occupied but also gives the Doctor an opportunity to see them playing and discovering something new. Let me also say every single person on staff has been nice, informative and understanding. If you are still not impressed then I know two things about you 1. you do not have children and 2. I know who to call next time I need to score (as if that ever happens).

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