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RIP Mrs. Antoinette K-Doe


I was really taken aback when I heard the news that Mrs K-Doe, Ernie K-Doe’s wife and frankly savior, died of a heart attack around 3am Fat Tuesday morning. She was a real piece of work and if you never got the chance to meet her or make a stop at the Mother-In-Law lounge on Claibourne than you really really missed something.

Before Katrina, the Mother In-Law lounge was about 2 blocks from my hood. Well it was in my hood but two blocks from the house. I made a couple of stops over there before, just a neighbor dropping in at the neighborhood bar. It was wonderfully tacky and just one of those special only in New Orleans places.

I never made it back after Katrina, but I did stop by one day for some red beans and rice. Mrs. K-Doe was right outside, fixin a big pot of beans for anyone who needed something to eat. Those were in the early days in the aftermath, when food was a luxury around here.

Mrs. K-Doe keep her late husband’s name out there though. The Ernie K-Doe mannequin that she created and drove around town with is clearly one of the things that most people will remember about her. I’ll remember her wonderful spirit and the joy she brought to others. Mardi Gras, like many folks around here, was her time. There could not be a more fitting day for her to move on from this place than Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day. I guarantee the second line going through heaven upon her arrival was a site to see.

Support The Roots of Music Band

I am really excited about the debut of The Roots of Music band!  If you are lucky enough to be getting some money back from Uncle Sam this year, maybe you could consider a small donation to The Roots of Music. You can even sponsor a specific member from the roster.

This extra-curricular band is making its debut in the parades this year. Since I am so busy with school and work and the NCDC duties I figured I would just take a pass on Mardi Gras and catch up on critical things, like sleep, instead. I felt like I had already done everything one could do to participate in Mardi Gras but the Roots of Music is truly a new thing to see and has given me a reason to get out there.

Roots of Music helps kids citywide get musical instruction and instruments and real practice at playing. Music has been cut from educational budgets in recent years but it’s part of our culture and if we don’t nurture it at this level, we stand to lose something we all adore about New Orleans. This is their debut, watching them in action must really be uplifting.

This cause is a breath of fresh air compared to what’s going on politically in the City right now over trash and transparency.  Roots has cheered my spirit and is motivating me to try get out to the parades. If you can’t make a donation, maybe you can pass it along far and wide and get the word out about it.

Only two parades left to see them:
Bacchus – (Sunday, Feb. 22-5:15pm)
Orpheus – (Monday, Feb. 23-6pm)

The Curious Case of Ray Nagin’s E-mails


August 21st, 2007. That is the oldest e-mail I have on my work computer server. That is over a year and a half ago.I did the research and bring it up because earlier this week citizens of New Orleans learned that the city government “leaders” had all of their emails and correspondence deleted from the year 2008. Specifically Mayor Ray Nagin. That is correct, every email that Mayor Nagin sent out or received in 2008 “magically disappeared” after Channel 4, WWL-TV filed a public records request. Not only every email from the year 2008, but the Mayor’s schedule also has been deleted.

The City of New Orleans claims that the server did not have the capacity to “store” all of these emails and schedules and such. Therefore, they just deleted everything. This is just total fraud. The city states that there is no way to get all of the deleted information. Which of course is public record and you me or any Joe Blow is suppose to have the right to get access to these within three days of a written request.

I gotta tell you, something is really fishy here. I talked with my IT guy this morning, he says you can get a extra terabyte something for a hundred bucks that will store over 1 million emails. Plus he says the first thing to go when a server has issues are large files such as pictures, videos and audio.

What does Mayor Nagin have to hide? Why would all of HIS e-mails and HIS schedule disappear when he touts himself as “The Technology Mayor”. I thought we were moving into the 21st century with Ray Nagin at the helm.

What will come next in the Curious Case of Ray Nagin’s e-mails? It might not be worthy of a Oscar nomination but I’m sure the answers we get in the future will be comical.

Plessy V Ferguson

New historical marker at Royal and Press Streets

New historical marker at Royal and Press Streets

.Today the little one and I walked down to to corner of Royal and Press streets where a ceremony was taking place to unveil the new historical marker to mark the spot where Homer Plessy boarded a train in 1892 and was subsequently arrested. This led to the court case of Plessy V Ferguson which in turn led to the formalizing of ‘separate but equal’ which stood until Brown V The Board of Education in 1954. It also happened to be the 200th anniversary of Abe Lincoln’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the formation of the NAACP so it was actually a pretty big event. Obviously bigger than anyone organizing thought it would be anyway. It was great to be there when something like this was announced to the public. It is great to have an historical marker for all to see and to have the privilege to live just blocks away from the place where such an important piece of history occurred. Although the little guy had more fun running around in circles in the green space behind all the action I am still happy to have the opportunity to take him to things like this and one day I will tell him about it and I hope I have raised him to care that he was there today.

The Blue Shirts are back

The NOPD, after hurricane Katrina, changed uniforms from the old sky blue look that the NOPD had worn for as long as I could remember to a what some would call black uniform. The reason for the change as explained to citizens, was that some of the blue uniforms had been lost or stolen during the chaos after Katrina.

The majority of NOPD officers were not happy. The black uniforms seemed to attract the heat during the summer and while not all officers are out of shape, I doubt that it’s the most svelte department in the land. I like the blue uniforms, they are classic New Orleans and well we worry about things like that around here.

Well the blue shirts return Friday morning just in time for Mardi Gras. I for one am glad but I do have a little concern. Have the lost or stolen blue shirt uniforms all been gathered up and stored? Did we find all the lost or stolen blue shirts?  With the amount of angst going on in the city right now with citizens feeling that crime is out of control, I think most people would feel a little better about the NOPD stopping the murders of innocent people instead of what color shirt they wear on a daily basis.

On a personal note, I am back as well and hopefully in a better frame of mind than a year and a half ago.

Can we please have smart people in charge now? Please?

Dear Zack Hudson:

What is it with you? Do you think local politics have gotten too blasé? Are you upset that Louisiana’s getting upstaged by Blagojewhatsisname and Larry Craig and Ted Stevens and the like? What, you don’t think David Vitter and Dollar Bill Jefferson generate enough raised eyebrows? Not satisfied with the sedate, curiously rational, less-dickish-than-you’d-think Bobby Jindal? You had to launch a campaign to draft XXX starlet Stormy Daniels for the U.S. senate?

I mean, sure, there’s room for humor in politics, and yes, we can certainly take a joke here in Louisiana. However, we can also take things very seriously when we want to, and let me tell you: David Vitter is no laughing matter. Not only has he caught a big ol’ case of Grade A Stupid, but he’s bound and determined to infect others. Frankly, after eight years of dumbass in the Oval Office, none of us are in the mood for it. Brains, please. Now.

Listen, you wanna do some good? Get out there and recruit someone else to get in the ring. How’s about John Breaux? He may not fuel your loins the way Ms. Daniels does, but maybe you should try thinking with your other head for a while. That alone is more than Vitter can do.

[thanks, Tyler]

Orpheus cans Carlos Mencia

Here is a photo of Carlos “The Asshat” Mencia, which I pilfered from the BestOfNewOrleans blog:

He’s atrocious, right? A total douchebag? Perhaps a fucktard, even?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that the once and future rider in Orpheus has been officially uninvited. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

Passover in New Orleans

Bags of trash at unapproved addresses were left on sidewalks and
sprayed with an X to let SDT crews know not to collect them later. []

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