Nagin asks Bush to let "Big O" off the hook

Well now New Orleans and America knows the reason New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has been fighting the public release of his work e-mails.  Or maybe one of the reasons. WWL-TV reported Tuesday evening the Mayor Nagin sent former President Bush a letter in December 2008 asking the President to consider a presidential pardon of former New Orleans City Councilman and convicted criminal Oliver Thomas.

Mr. Thomas was convicted of malfeasance in office for accepting a bribe dealing with ciy parking contracts. The total sum was said to be $15,000. In Mayor Nagin’s letter, he states that was a relatively small amount of money. Hmmmm I think many people would consider that more than a small amount.

Of course, Mayor Nagin can ask former President Bush for anything. Pardon’s or whatever. But it becomes a problem when the Mayor of a city with as many issues and problems as this city has, is asking for relief for a guy who stole money. While he was a elected official in the same city you are supposedly rebuilding. It would seem to be just a little crass to try and get a guy out of jail who accepts bribes and kickbacks when the city you were elected to run is receiving millions upon millions of dollars from the federal government. But that’s just me and I like to think I have some moral compass that tells me what is right and what is wrong. Maybe Mayor Nagin’s compass is stuck on S as in stupid.

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