Piggy Back

Who needs to drive out East to a Nickelodeon theme park and spend a bunch of cash on rides and snacks when you can pile the kids on the rider and get ‘er done at the same time? The Pentacostal’s keep the grass cut on this empty lot religiously, which is a huge blessing for the neighborhood, but today I was in shock to see these two toddlers aboard. How could someone be so completely and reliably responsible and then do this? Plus, having now taken Torts and Products Liability, I have a new perspective beyond the basic lack of common sense of this decision. Jesus Murphy !

The manufacturer surely has warned against such antics as reckless use of the mower. But who reads directions/warnings? They don’t matter til your kid’s leg is catfood. Maybe they could design and elevated side-care version which doubles as kid work=entertainment. Cringe, it just makes me nervous . . . but it’s just another reason for looking forward to the St. Aug grass going dormant and for the end of regular lawnmowing, for the gradual advent toward shorter days and our own, subtle advent of fall . . . .

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