Meowy Xmas : Ted’s Annual Spa Day

Ted's Annual Grooming 5  Ted's Annual Grooming Magazine Animal Clinic

Today was annual bath/grooming day for Ted, a persian I adopted from the humane society and a foster Mom when I was back in Washington D.C. He is my best bud for about seven years now, he’s just cool. But like most dudes, he tends to get some grooming issues going on under his butt about every 6 months, even though I brush him bi-daily. With Persians, you also have to wipe their eyes regularly because their sinuses are compacted. Ted is kinda high maintenance on both ends, but he’s very loving.

Dr. Amy understands the special issues regarding Persians over at the Magazine Street Animal Clinic.

The clinic recently expanded the double shotgun they occupy on Magazine St. near Harry’s Ace Hardware, to accomodate more examination rooms. They should get a reward for conservation for the alternative use of traditional historic space. They preserved the place and made it more functional without eliminating any of the special elements of the house, in particular wooden double doors and maintain original flooring.

Ted’s furballs eventually get too close to his skin for me to remove safely, so I took him in for his annual trim yesterday and a professional grooming.

One year ago, on the snow day I gave him is annual bath. So now, it’s solidified as his annual bath day. It was much worth it to take him in to the clinic this year, they did a much better job. They trimmed his nails and cleaned his ears.

Teddy doesn’t get dirty so much as just greezy. He only weighs 6.4 lbs but he screams really loud all the time. He only has an outside voice. But in the end, he likes to get all fluffed out and silky after the screaming and bitching, you can tell he feels better. Dr. Amy and I laugh, for such a small cat, he’s super loud.

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