Bitter Bold

Warren Easton’s band has been out practicing today and all week, since Christmas has passed they are now into Mardi Gras Parade Training. Thing is, we are experiencing super harsh, record breaking lows. . . it’s fucking freezing here.
Warren Easton Practicing for Mardi Gras (3)

Last year it was unseasonably warm, I was wearing the standard wife-beater on Xmas day and raking up leaves over there at Rocheblave. . but today at Rocheblave, the pipes were frozen.

The Good And The Bad:
Fortunately, no pipes were broke. However, there was a toilet full of morning poops/toilet paper for which there was insufficient water pressure for flushing. We braced ourselves for the fact that it was going to have to be manually cleared.

I keep a 5-gallon drum of emergency water at the condo, so I retrieved it so we could use it to fill the tank and flush the terlet. However, the pressure was weak, so Nick and Josh and I went one courageous step further and emptied the terlet of all hardware; poop and paper first using the cat litter scooper. . . dumping it into a garbage bag with some kitty litter in it, and keeping a bucket of bleach and some water for the scooper, we successfully emptied the terlet.

Then, we used the huge jug of water to the tank to the fill line. We got a full flush and took our bag o’kitty litter/people-poop out to the trash. It was rather humiliating but we were thrilled when it flushed fine. We eventually got our water back and refilled the 5-gallon emergency jug and the sink with soapy water, just in case.

The water seems to be running without out trouble this morning after dripping all faucets last night. They dodged a bullet of any burst pipes, luckily and are able to flush freely today.

This cold is really enough to make us all coccooning and cranky. The yard looks like nuclear winter and we can’t stand to set sight on it . . . .so we just keep our jackets on and watch movies, grateful for electricity and heat!

Rather than posting gross pictures of our personal plumbing hell, which would surely have been very popular . . . I have, instead, included some of the troopers at Warren Easton, one of our best local high school bands, who deserve extra applause for continuing their practices in prep for what is shaping up to be a brutally cold Mardi Gras!

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  1. rcs (unregistered) on January 10th, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

    I have to say it’s a great time to get out (especially on a bike, if you’ve got the gear for it.) Clear skies, little traffic – and after an hour outside your house will feel toasty warm!

  2. Laueen (unregistered) on January 10th, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

    Well, you definitely are among the bold. I have seen quite a lot of hard core people getting about the city via cycles in this weather. True, there is noticeably much less traffic, since people seem to be staying in, which does make the bike riding much more pleasant, even in the cold. Gortex, hat and gloves are surely in order. You’re a trooper! I’ve been living here too many years, I’ve become wusified.

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