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What it really means to New Orleans

The victory by the New Orleans Saints, 31-17 over the Colts of Indiana in the 44th Super Bowl in NFL history, was frankly a sight to behold both in Miami and in New Orleans. Eruptions of joy and euphoria of the highest degree has overtaken New Orleans for the last three days. With Mardi Gras rolling along, the Super Bowl victory party and Mardi Gras have melded into one big We Love New Orleans Festival. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and I think many locals would give you a look and say…we deserve this one. Can’t really disagree with that. Anyone who has ever rooted for the hapless Saints deserves this one. And we never want it to end.

As the seconds clicked down on the Saints dominating, invigorating, full of heart and guts comeback victory, it’s funny the things that come to mind. For some reason I thought of the first time the Saints had a chance just to make the playoffs in 1983. I was in my older brothers car, he was driving me somewhere, and we were listening to the end of the Saints-Rams game. Saints win, they make the playoffs for the first time ever. Of course the Saints lose on a last second field goal. Of course they had given up TWO interception returns for touchdowns and a punt return for a touchdown to get to the point of losing at the last second. That’s what Saints fans expected. Find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. My other thought drifted to September 25th, 2006. The return to the dome. I was there for that one too and that victory over Atlanta was the starting point for this Saints team bringing New Orleans it’s first professional world championship.

What does it all really mean though? Can a world championship in a professional sport change New Orleans for the better? Can it fill the pot-holes and rebuild the houses and parks and businesses that all are in need of rebuilding? Can it turn inept politicians into politicians who lead by example? Does a world championship end the years of frustration from the citizens when it comes to a racial divide?

Of course, a championship does not solve any of those issues. Trophy’s don’t hammer nails or magically turn a bigot into a diverse human being. But New Orleans and frankly America in general would be wrong to just dismiss this as another sports team winning a championship and moving on to the next big story. What these Saints showed is that a commitment by everyone, putting your own personal needs to the side maybe, to accomplish something bigger than themselves can be done. When everyone is on the same page, focused on the same goal, this Saints victory shows that nothing is impossible.

The Saints have done their part. They showed the path to greatness. Teamwork, accountability, passion, faith and trust in each other. Now it’s time for the citizens of this great city to come together and carry the banner from here. The Saints did their part, now it’s time for us to make it really matter.

Superbowl Sunday Mania in Winn-Dixie

This morning I hit the Winn-Dixie on Tchoup at about 10:30 and the place was PACKED. Groceries throughout the city are fewer since Katrina and they have been packed early and daily due to the tailgate factor and king cakes going on in the workplace this week.

Today, I had to park over by McAllister’s. But inside the store it was a huge Who-Dat Party! They had the Saint’s Who Dat song on the overhead and people were Who Dattin each other up and down the aisles.

By the time I got to the checkout, a designated number of staff had been cued via the overhead announcement that “whoever is ready to participate is to go to the front”. Of course, customers were welcome too.

On cue a second line paraded through the store with umbrellas and singing along with the Who Dat song.

I don’t even like football but this grocery store second line exhibited the bravado of the “joie de vivre” and “bonhemie” of our everyday citizens and the devotion to our culture of celebrating life. We all put down our things and applauded!

Of course, there is always cobb. There was a tiny old black woman behind me in line said, “Thank god some of y’all are still working.” She was complaining that she worked in the school system and that kids shouldn’t be out of school tomorrow . . and I agreed, after all, what else will they do? And many parents have child care arrangements which would be an issue.

For me, today’s fanatic exhibit promoting the Saints at the supermarket was a new exentsion of our already notorious culture stretching toward a third dimension of the cartesian coordinate plane of cultural bravado in New Orleans after I’d thought I had seen it all . . .

We’re at the top of a historical crescendo, an orchestral city-wide, high-five we’ve been riding for weeks which reached a new pinnacle today for me while making groceries. Makes me wonder what the final outcome will bring!

There is no way we will be at all disappointed, we have finished strong, in our elected officials, our Saints . .. we simply cannot lose.

If anyone has a photo of Winn-Dixie Second lines, please post a link! I didn’t have my camera. My bad!

New Orleans Elections 2010 v. Superbowl

We are all sitting on the edge of life here in New Orleans tonight, waiting to hear about today’s election results and also the impending Superbowl tomorrow.

Tonight, we are all anxiously awaiting the release of poll results on, making some people (esp. bloggers) impatient.

I called the T-P, accurate polling reports are pending election results for a number of high profile positions including: Mayor, City Council-At-Large posts in a C,E, A and B, as well as Sherriff and Clerk of Criminal Court and our new holistic Tax Assesor.

Bruce Eggler and staff are hard at work organizing returns and they will get it to us as soon as they can in a definitive and accurate result!

People of Earth: please VOTE TODAY, especially if you live in New Orleans’ District C

Tom ArnoldTom ArnoldTom Arnold

1) Do you live in New Orleans?

2) If so, do you live in District C?

3) If so, did you know that Assessor Tom Arnold, who is running for City Council in District C, has been known to keep a gun in his office at the Algiers courthouse?

4) Did you know that Tom Arnold — who may or may not be stark raving bananas — was [supposedly seen] pointing that gun at his head after having a squabble with his wife?

5) Did you know that Tom Arnold has the worst campaign consultant ever? Because a talented consultant would never explain the aforementioned incident by saying, “Tom Arnold was not wielding a gun around the courthouse…. It was simply a disagreement between Mr. Arnold and his ex-wife, and it was a personal matter.” WHICH INVOLVED A GUN.

6) Did you know that Tom Arnold’s website features sentences, paragraphs, talking points, and beliefs borrowed from others? (Though technically, the blame for that falls to his site designer, Chip Quaglino, owner of Quaglino Advertising and Graphics, who recycled verbiage from previous campaigns he’d worked on with other candidates. Said the designer, “Sue me for not being overly creative or having time to sit down and do this.” And he’s got a point: surely it’s crazy to think that that someone who builds creative content for his own ad agency would be creative.)

7) Did you know that as of Wednesday, Tom Arnold still hadn’t bothered to file campaign finance records with the state Board of Ethics?

8) Did you know that Tom Arnold has a penchant for using police lights on his non-police vehicle when he’s late for a meeting, or possibly dinner?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, perhaps you should high-tail it to the nearest voting booth and ensure that the aforementioned motherfucker stays the hell off the New Orleans City Council.

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