Superbowl Sunday Mania in Winn-Dixie

This morning I hit the Winn-Dixie on Tchoup at about 10:30 and the place was PACKED. Groceries throughout the city are fewer since Katrina and they have been packed early and daily due to the tailgate factor and king cakes going on in the workplace this week.

Today, I had to park over by McAllister’s. But inside the store it was a huge Who-Dat Party! They had the Saint’s Who Dat song on the overhead and people were Who Dattin each other up and down the aisles.

By the time I got to the checkout, a designated number of staff had been cued via the overhead announcement that “whoever is ready to participate is to go to the front”. Of course, customers were welcome too.

On cue a second line paraded through the store with umbrellas and singing along with the Who Dat song.

I don’t even like football but this grocery store second line exhibited the bravado of the “joie de vivre” and “bonhemie” of our everyday citizens and the devotion to our culture of celebrating life. We all put down our things and applauded!

Of course, there is always cobb. There was a tiny old black woman behind me in line said, “Thank god some of y’all are still working.” She was complaining that she worked in the school system and that kids shouldn’t be out of school tomorrow . . and I agreed, after all, what else will they do? And many parents have child care arrangements which would be an issue.

For me, today’s fanatic exhibit promoting the Saints at the supermarket was a new exentsion of our already notorious culture stretching toward a third dimension of the cartesian coordinate plane of cultural bravado in New Orleans after I’d thought I had seen it all . . .

We’re at the top of a historical crescendo, an orchestral city-wide, high-five we’ve been riding for weeks which reached a new pinnacle today for me while making groceries. Makes me wonder what the final outcome will bring!

There is no way we will be at all disappointed, we have finished strong, in our elected officials, our Saints . .. we simply cannot lose.

If anyone has a photo of Winn-Dixie Second lines, please post a link! I didn’t have my camera. My bad!

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