Coaxing Spring

Post Freeze Devastation Feb. 2010 (2) Rocheblave Tree Removed
Post-Freeze / Pre-Freeze

Whew and Bravo!
Now that the big party is over, we are left with the brown dead remnants of our garden, the result of what was also record-breaking and most damaging freezes on the South Shore in years.

Last weekend for me was one of all ‘undoing’.
I changed the sheets from flannel to cotton, I washed the car, took down Mardi Gras decorations, and also did some removal of the ever prevalent and gamma-ray defiant Sticky Weed in the backyard at Rocheblave. Only a couple items besides sticky week are brown. We’ve all been gradually cutting back the major damage done to our gardens/courtyards this year, waiting to see what rebounds. I actually have a good number things giving me hope already.

Yet to push things along I created one modest pot of verbena and petunias this past weekend for Rocheblave but the porch looks depressingly desolate.

The midwest and northeast continue to get snow, stuck in the Groundhog’s Grip. But here in the Deep South, the Tulip trees are blooming Uptpown. Further cues of the advent of spring here in New Orleans include one fly and a real mosquito bite and I saw one ant this week. I also had an ant nightmare . . . termite swarms are not far behind.

Along with the marginal reemerging spring pestilence, I am anxiously waiting to see green sprouts emerging day-to-day as we patiently take our licks thru Lent and Easter and await the time change to longer and more active days.

As it’s been getting warmer, I am waiting to see if my frozen butterfly bush and fried heather will be resurrected while also calculating the amount of money it will take to get the garden back to its prior fluffiness. In the meantime, I am watering brown stubs with good vibes.


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