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Saturday Afternoon: Shopping, Art, Coffee

The Light is Brilliant at Colton School

The Light is Brilliant at Colton School

Still homeless, we’ve been staying in the Bywater, house sitting with two slightly traumatized rescue cats. Moving around from neighborhood to neighborhood, I’m beginning to formulate ideas about what constitutes a “good” neighborhood. Certainly the less crime the better, but other things are important too. Like shopping, and art, and coffee.

I mean shopping to live, not shopping for therapy. There are no major markets in this area. There are some smaller places like Hank’s Supermarket that sell canned goods, and liquor and ding dongs, but if you want to do proper weekly food shopping, you have to walk into the Quarter to Rouses or ride the Louisa bus up to the Winn Dixie.

That’s why the Bywater Farmer’s Market is so important. This market goes every Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Holy Angels on St. Claude. We got 4 medium sized locally grown yellow squash for $2, which I think is pretty cheap. Other vendors were selling homemade pesto, fruit and veg and drinks. The market is really small, but look, if you are growing spices or tomatoes or you can pickle okra like your maw maw, you can sell stuff at this market. You can maybe even swap. And, that’s where things get interesting.

Local farmer’s markets are really important. They help the local economy, they are good for the environment, and they can save shoppers a lot of money. It’s a win/win. And, as an aside, the Market Association is trying to get 5 people together so that they can start a FREE yoga class during the Market. I am all about the free, so I’ve already signed up. Email to put your name on the list too.

The P.1 exhibition at Colton School on St. Claude was next on the agenda. Fireworks, massage chairs and nuclear bombs, the art was quite impressive. The building was impressive as well. The light is brilliant (see above), and it’s a stunning location. Drop in if you get a chance. Even if you’re not into art, the free massage will do you some good.

Hummers people? Really?

Why not go for a Hummer Bike instead?

Why not go for a Hummer Bike instead?

OK, I might be a serious doofus when it comes to certain things, but the noticable ubiquity of Hummer SUVs in this city just doesn’t make sense:

Hummers get really bad gas mileage which means you buy more gas…
the money for which goes to the oil companies…
who dredged through our wetlands…
that used to protect us from the hurricanes
but not any more because…

Also, if I can get political: this bullshit during the Vice Presidential debate about how we have to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by doing “safe” drilling in our National Wild Life preserves just really gets my knickers in a twist. I don’t really trust the government or the oil companies to safely drill. Do you?

Louisianas wetlands look like they were in a knife fight with the Oil Companies.
Louisiana’s wetlands look like they were in a knife fight with the Oil Companies.

We have to reduce our dependence on oil, period. Looking at an aeriel map of the Louisiana lower boot, you can see how the oil canals have destroyed the natural barrier and eroded our coastline:

Since the 1950s, more the 8,000 miles of canals have been dug for oil exploration and shipping. Scientists believe the canals caused 36% of land loss in coastal Louisiana. The state has lost 1,900 square miles since 1932.” From Buras High Investigates

If you feel like nothing you do can make the government do the right thing, you are probably right. The government is going to do what it wants to do: to wit, the $700 billion bailout, which is going to cost every man, woman and child $2,300 each (click here for source). If there is something that I’ve learned about America from my 16 years of living abroad is that it is NOT a democracy. America is a capitalist state. Money talks. So stop using your money to support naughty companies like Hummer. Or, just buy the bike.

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